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Sleep in Green Peace: Organic Mattresses

I'll let you know when I find some American versions.
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Abaca Organic Mattresses

by Warren McLaren, Sydney on 04.28.06

Previously we went on a bit of search for organic latex and came up short. Now we learn that a Welsh company, Abaca, is on a similar mission. Their metal free Ramsey mattress already has its chemical free, natural latex core wrapped in layers of organic Welsh wool, and contained within an organic cotton cover. As best as we can make out, they’ve had the the wool and cotton certified as organic by the UK’s Soil Association. But the certification for the latex is currently ongoing. Such diligence does not come cheap. Ramsey mattresses start at £600, or £490 for a pocket spring version (without the latex). Alternatively you could give your existing mattress some extra environmental comfort boost with a organic wool/cotton mattress pad, starting at £85. Buy Organics sell them online, with the retailer John Lewis due to carry them in store. ::Abaca via IC Wales

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