Saturday, March 10

Tips for Sleeping Well

I found this to be a short and pretty way of explaining something that can get quite complicated.
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Sleep Tight All Night
Quality of sleep is as important as the quantity of sleep. Often we think we sleep for eight hours, but unless we are getting good quality REM sleep, which is when the body truly rests, we will awake feeling as if we hadn't slept at all. Here are the ways to be sure you are getting quality sleep:

1. Do not eat late. Your last meal should be no later than seven in the evening.

2. Do not exercise just before bed. You should engage in no strenuous exercise for at least two hours before bed.

3. There should be no pets in the bedroom. Sleeping with pets often causes restless sleep.

4. You might try this sitting meditation a half an hour before bed: Sit comfortably at the edge of a firm seat with your back erect and your head tilted slightly downwards. Place your arms gently over your lap and breathe slowly, deliberately, and gently. Keep your eyes slightly closed. Do this for 15-20 minutes.

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