Friday, March 16

Best and Worst Cities for Sleep

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Best Cities for SleepWorst Cities for Sleep
1. Minneapolis , MN1. Detroit, MI
2. Anaheim, CA2. Cleveland, OH
3. San Diego, CA3. Nashville, TN
4. Raleigh-Durham, NC4. Cincinnati, OH
5. Washington, DC5. New Orleans, LA
6. Northern NJ6. New York, NY
7. Chicago, IL7. Las Vegas, NV
8. Boston, MA8. Miami, FL
9. Austin, TX9. San Francisco, CA
10. Kansas City, MO10. St. Louis, MO

The "Sleep in the City" study ranked America's 50 most populous metropolitan areas
based on five criteria: the number of days in the past month that residents reported
not getting enough sleep or rest, average length of daily commute, divorce rate,
unemployment rate, and overall happiness index. The happiness index was derived
from questions about a person's physical, mental, and emotional health.

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