Friday, April 6

Sleep is Big Business

The business of sleep is becoming increasingly lucrative. With growing awareness combined with the large number of undiagnosed cases of OSA, it appears that the cash will continue to pour into this industry. An online article from USA Today helped put into perspective the flood of new sleep-related products, advertisements, and marketing tactics that are becoming more commonplace.

According to the article, products that are steadily gaining more revenue off of Americans’ lack of sleep are popping up in the areas of body care, room scents, mood music, and beverages. No doubt, pharmaceutical sleep aid manufacturers are cashing in as well. According to the article, revenue for pharmaceutical sleep aids saw a rise in consumer spending of 29% from 2005 to 2006. Such revenue was in part driven by the large sums of money behind sleep aid advertising. USA Today cites information from TNS Media Intelligence stating, “In 2006, Sepracor’s Lunesta spent $298 million on advertising, and Ambien, from Sanofi-Aventis, spent $207 million. Rozerem [from Takeda Pharmaceuticals] spent $102 million.”

Via Sleep Review's Sleep Report