Tuesday, February 6

Clock Shirt

I am kind of surprised this is not an American product since so many Americans are convinced that time=money.

These unisex clock shirts can be bought through an Australian company. If you go to the Latest Buy web page you'll end up taking an outdated stroll down memory lane.
You remember Flavor Flav from the rap group Public Enemy, right? He was the "zany, kooky and straight-up wacky" one who wore big clocks around his neck (and top hats) to prove he could always "tell people what time it was"?

It was funky, fun and completely functional...and though Flavor's time may have come and gone, his contribution to the clock-watching community lives on in spirit – which brings us to the f-f-freshest arrival on the timepiece scene - the Digital Clock T-shirt - which is a kind of space-age homage to the man who made "yeaaaah, BOY!" one of our favourite catchphrases.

I guess all I can say is "yeaaaah BOY!"? Yeah right.

via Lastest Buy and GearLive