Monday, January 29


The website lets visiters discover what is important in thier lives and it helps them reach goals. When I stumbled upon this site that had over 800,000 people who submited thier answer the the question "What do you want to do with your life?"

In the FAQ they explain that:
"Other people often have great ideas. You can get inspiration from others. Adopt a goal as your own or set up your own goals from scratch. Either way, 43 Things can help you document your success, share information, and make progress on what matters to you most".

One the homepage right below the space where you shold put your goal there is a hyperlinked list that includes things like "buy a house", "graduate from college" "have a CAREER instead of a job." The very first statement in this cloud of dreams and ambition was Phil's goal to "sleep soundly."

This was one of 30 things Phil wanted.

It didn't take too much soul searching for me to entered "publish a magazine." I found that there were 51 people on that were doing and/or wanting the same thing. This is a pretty cool concept website.

Lets get back to Phil and his need for sleep; I did some investigating and it looks like 900 users want "more sleep" and 861 users want "sleep!". This is very interesting but everyone should want sleep, in one sense or another, so this doesn't really tell us something. The thing that is really heart breaking is that a little over 500 people put sleep as their top goal in life. I can't help but laugh at the irony; as narcoleptic of course. Although I'm hesitant to pity these sleep deprived people there is something very twisted about this situation.

Wait a minute, to date there are 4,666 people that have "wake up when my alarm clock goes off" as a major goal in their lives. Maybe they should think about aiming for something more like "not need an alarm clock."